What Can Black People Do About Racism?

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

I believe the answer is nothing.

Black Panther Leader, Bobby Seale said,

“We do not fight racism with racism. We fight racism with solidarity. We do not fight exploitative capitalism with Black capitalism. We fight capitalism with basic socialism. And we do not fight imperialism with more imperialism. We fight imperialism with proletarian internationalism.”

Racism is a tool of white supremacy.

Racism is a white people problem.

It's a fear of survival, that is taught both subconsciously and consciously through color blindness, non-diverse spaces, school to prison pipeline, adultification, discrimination and white-washed curriculums just to name a few (very few). I say racism is a white people problem because, it will be their own job to become aware of their role in perpetuating racism, and work intentionally to dismantle the systems it supports. However, a lot are silent because racism is so entwined in all of Americas institutions that if you take it away, the current government, housing, school and banking systems will all fail. Look below for some Ted Talks you can share with your "allies."

What black people can do is love each other.

Love enough to unify,

Love enough to shop black,

Love enough to fight for each other,

Love enough to teach each other in our own schools,

Love enough to learn our history,

Love enough to protect each other,

Love enough to respect each other,

Love enough to build safe communities for each other

.....just love.

And to answer..."Well, in times of collision between black people and racism, what do we do?" I refer to number 7 of the October 1966 Black Panther Party Platform.

7. We want an immediate end to police brutality and murder of Black people.

We believe we can end police brutality in our Black community by organizing Black self-defense groups that are dedicated to defending our Black community from racist police oppression and brutality. The second amendment to the constitution of the United States gives a right to bear arms. We therefore believe that all Black people should arm themselves for self-defense.


Here's the TED talks to share with your allies



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