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To Thanksgiving or to not...

that is the question!

Thanksgiving can have many pros in the black community, even if it did stem from horrific roots, we made it a positive by using it to draw in family we haven’t seen, spending quality time over a good meal and forcing discussions on the ever dreadful question “what are you thankful for”

However, our Indigenous brothers and sisters consider this a National Day of Mourning, because ONE it’s healthy to mourn the loss of your ancestors, it’s apart of healing. & TWO the scene of the first thanksgiving represents the beginning of their tremendous loss of freedom, land and life.

So in this case does the good outweigh the bad? You’ve been celebrating your whole life how do you stop?

If you’re gathering anyway, here are some things you can do to honor the truth.

*Have a moment of silence for our ancestors and allow yourself to mourn those you knew and those you did not

**Be transparent and truthful with your children about what this day represents the good and the bad

***Use the family time to track your history, honor the elders, celebrate the youth, learn a new skill and appreciate each other

What will your family do this year?

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