Maximizing Quarantine: To be apart of the Rise Culture


I know the library is closed but has many ebooks for cheap or free that will help build knowledge of self! ANY book on Africana History Ancient - Current will do.


Love yourself enough to build habits of self care:

  • drink tea

  • meditate

  • shower and get dressed

  • create

  • whatever, do something

DO NOT IGNORE your Mental Health

  • talk to someone about your feelings

  • be kind on yourself

  • be vulnerable

  • exercise ( is free online workouts)

  • 20 minutes of fresh air a day is great for mental and psychical (even your immune system) .


This time is unpredictable, set yourself up by:

  • creating your business plan finally

  • research and buy some stocks


  • apply shamelessly for all the help offered.

  • If you have assets take advantage of the interest breaks available now. (Check out our post "lets talk black dollars to dive into this more)


Ok, maybe we've have enough family time at this point but lets get creative in order to keep it fun! This is a unique time to get to know your family again. Try to answer some of these questions:

  • What is each members favorite meal?

  • What activity can you all do together? Puzzle? Bake? Dance?

  • What music or movies can you all discover together?

Have intentional discussions about whats going on in the world.

(PLUS my personal favorite.)

CREATE A FAMILY TREE, go as far back as you can and when you get stuck call/video chat another family member to build on to the tree.

Whatever you do during this time, take care of yourself, stay safe.

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