Let's Talk Black Dollars!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020


By now you’ve gotten your stimulus check or it’s coming soon....hopefully you’re getting unemployment or your still able to work.

But what do we do with it? 😳 Bills, Shop, Save, Invest??? Well I say, all four if you can! The first thing is always making sure you have food and shelter. After that let’s explore some ways to spend or not spend the check.

Bills 💸...if you’re not working you can definitely contact any company you owe bills too and work out a plan to defer payments for a few months. This may alleviate the stress of having to pay bills and allow you to use the money elsewhere.

Shop 🛍... Treat yourself! Take 10% - 20% and do some retail therapy. Of course, shop black first! Because just a friendly revolutionary reminder that when you shop small, 67 cents of the dollar stays in the community helping moms, dads, children follow their dreams. Imagine what we could do if we kept our dollar in the community for more than a day.

Everything you need, look for it in a black owned business first! Here’s some of our favorite businesses and items we get from them:

Phone & TV (yes, TV!): @figgerswireless

Toothbrush: @coraloralcare

Hair combs, baby items: @netergold

Body oils: @earthproofelixirs

Bags: @tribalimmunity

Baby clothes: @hookedonmicah

Custom tees & items: @alishachristianrdh @finaltouchvinyl

Workout Clothes/Bathing Suits: @aionfitgear

Lifestyle Items, stress management consultations: @riseculturenyc

Art, logos, flyers: @victoriousservant

There’s many resources to find black owned business, Webuyblack, ShoppeBlack, BuyFromaBlackWoman. There’s many company’s out there that with you just purchasing one thing will help them remain open and buy food for themselves and family. So again, if you must shop, shop black first!

Save 💵...Save a percentage of all and put it into a high interest savings account. Think about the next time you may be in an emergency and having this cushion will relieve a lot of stress. If you can save more long term because you are working, try a CD or open a 529 college plan if you have a child. Saving allows your money to grow and turn into even more.

Finally INVEST 📈.... in yourself if you’re starting a business or project. & in stocks, try Robinhood or Stockpile if you’re new to the game, they offer mini lessons on how to invest and understand it all right in their app.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t stress over it and please don’t blow it all on non black businesses 🙄. We can grow together if we uplift ourselves and our communities.

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