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Black Owned Holiday

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

We keep the same energy ALL year! To help you #buyblackfirst this holiday season I went through over 100 black owned websites and complied a list of my favorite gift ideas for everyone in your village. Please like, share and most importantly shop black! Happy holidays.

For Her

Ethiopian Stella Shawl with Olive Border from Rise Culture

Handcrafted by Ethiopian artisans and showcases the buttery softness of Ethiopian eri silk. This classic winter gift show and literally provide warmth for the giftee. $65.00

Self Love Body Care Kit by Earth Proof Elixirs

Give the gift that keeps on giving with this self love body care kit. It contains bath salts, Rose Infused oils, tea and sage.... the PERFECT set up to cleanse your giftees mind, body soul. Coming already packaged beautifully you wont have much to do besides wrap and give it. $90.00

Black/Red/Green Bandana mask by Priscas Art

With all thats going on, who says you cant give practical gifts! This i s a must have because 1. your giftee needs it, and 2. it's so stylish! It’s a one size fits all for adults. $20.50

Kuei Bag - Camel Shearling by Brandon Blackwood

With all this talk about Birkins, we gotta wonder who is that really benefiting?! This beautiful bag is black owned and reasonably priced. Your giftee will love this on trend bag. Available in camel and powder blue $125.00

For Him

Men's Kente Bow Tie and Hankerchief Set from Rise Culture

This two piece set made from kente cloth is a real showstopper. Your giftee will love combining two classics and showing off their culture. $35.00

Coffee King Gift Set by EcoVibe

Lets talk... if you have a giftee that loves coffee this is the perfect gift. Pour-over coffee offers the drinker a cup of richer and bolder coffee. Make this gift even more customized by pairing it with some black owned coffee. This set includes pour-over and 16 oz.mug. $45.00

Mudcloth Bowtie by Mujo Six

Gift someone with style and culture. This Black Mud Cloth Print bow tie is made from 100% African wax fabric. Sure to catch the attention of others and make your giftee very happy. $20.00

Udo Cufflinks by And And NYC

A man in a suit is one thing, but a man in a suit with cufflinks is a whole another level of attention to detail. Thats exactly what your giftee will appreciate about these sacred geometry cufflinks. $25.00

For All

Copper Coiled Chakra EMF Protective Necklace by Vegan Gift Shop

Your giftee will love this powerful necklace because it takes the classic organite pyramids and makes it portable. Designed with chakra healing stones and EMF protection, this gift shows that you care about your giftees mind, body and soul. $31.00

Unapologetically Black RBG Leather Bookbag by Chocolate Ancestor

Say it loud with this bookbag. Love for the culture and functionality combine in this 100% genuine leather bookbag making it the perfect gift for children and adults. This comes in black, pink and blue. Large $50.00 XLarge $55.00

Leather Strap Blue S2 by Seventeenth Watches

This classic design is sure to please men and women, keeping your giftee on time, on trend and in love with their wrist piece. This is a preorder and will ship just in time for christmas. $99.00

For Kids

Kinara + Nguzo Saba Matching Bundle by Afrocentric Monetssori

Share they joy of kwanzaa with this handmade kinara and learn about the seven principles with a wooden matching set. Each set also comes with worksheets to aid younger children with learning these principles. $75.00